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James Burchill

James Burchill has trained over 22,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses in more than 162 countries save time and make more money using intelligent automation and the science of persuasive language.

James is a certified marketing automation coach, Evernote productivity and efficiency consultant, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and a successful copywriter.


This 3x bestselling author and instructor is giving away his little-known secrets for making more sales using systems, emails hacks and marketing automation.

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Here are a few of James' clients and what they said about him:

Lindesy DiMarcantio

"Working with James Burchill is like finding a rare gem. He’s highly knowledgable in his field and in other broader subjects, yet approachable and easy to talk to when conveying your needs. This combination results in the secure feeling that he has the experience to execute a plan to solve your problem. In short, he's brilliant. I highly recommend working with him and look forward to working with James again in future.

Stephen White

"James is extremely accomplished and knowledgeable in his field and one of those very rare and genuine individuals who gives more than he gets. His mentorship and support of small business owners is well known. His advice is always timely, sincere and willingly offered. He is profoundly interested in other people, deeply committed to pro-fessional development, and highly motivated to help business professionals and entrepreneurs succeed. 

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